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Darren Aronofsky

Interview conducted by Brandon Judell from PlanetOut.Com concerning Darren Aronofsky's "Requiem For A Dream".

PlanetOut: You are considered one of the top five American directors who have revived the industry. Do you agree with that?

Darren Aronofsky: No, not at all.

PlanetOut: Well, who is better than you? Nobody?

DA: I think the old timers ...

PlanetOut: Well, the old timers, but you are a new timer. You're a spring chicken.

DA: I just want to do good films! Don't put me on the spot like that. It's not nice. So can you talk about yourself and increase your ego and make yourself look like a fool in front of thousands of people?

PlanetOut: I wish I could! If I had your talent I'd brag about it. So now this is based on the Hubert Selby novel, who's done Last Exit to Brooklyn, who tends to write about drag queens and outsiders, et cetera. What is it about you that you pick subject matter like this?

DA: I don't know. I think when I read Selby he makes me feel very deeply. He can take you to an outsider's mind, a dark mind, and he can show you humanity like no one else. You can really see what connects. That for me is something that I really wanted to bring to a larger audience.

PlanetOut: It's been said that Pi has had a big gay audience. Do you think this movie will have a big gay audience too?

DA: I hope so. I hope everyone can enjoy the film and get off on the film. I think it's an intense trip for anyone who wants to see something out of the ordinary, something alternative, which Requiem for a Dream will hopefully deliver for them.

PlanetOut: It's been said that your next assignment is Batman. Are you going to keep it homoerotic? Are you going to have the outfits with the nipples and the crotches?

DA: I don't know if Batman is going to be the next film. I'm going to work on it, but I'm also working on an original science-fiction film. We'll see what comes along next.

PlanetOut: Will there be a homo in the sci-fi film?

DA: Umm ...

PlanetOut: How about you put me in the crowd scene to get the gay crowd?

DA: The sexuality thing in my films I haven't dealt with too well yet, but you know, we'll see how it comes along.

PlanetOut: What about groupies? Are you getting any now?

DA: No. I think I have to make nice little romantic comedies to have groupies. People are scared of me; they think I'm warped and stuff.

PlanetOut: Well, if anyone has any straight sisters, send them to him!

DA: Bring them on!

PlanetOut: Thank you so much sir.