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Buy Pi Products:

The Pi DVD includes: Commentary by director Darren Aronofsky and by the actors, theatrical trailers, lost scenes, behind-the-scene features, and more!

Purchase Darren Aronofsky's Pi on VHS!

Pi: The Book
The Pi book includes: The Pi screenplay, and The Guerilla Diaries (Darren Aronofsky's journals of making Pi)!

Pi Soundtrack
Now you can own Clint Mansell's fantastic soundtrack for Pi.

Buy Requiem For A Dream Products:

Requiem For A Dream DVD (Director's Cut)
The Requiem DVD includes: Commentary by director Darren Aronofsky, theatrical trailers, deleted scenes, "making of" documentary, exclusive interviews, and more!

Requiem For A Dream VHS
Order Darren Aronofsky's incredible Requiem For A Dream on VHS.

Requiem For A Dream Soundtrack
Purchase Clint Mansell's terrific soundtrack for Requiem For A Dream!

Requiem For A Dream: The Novel
Buy the powerful novel, which Darren Aronofsky's film is based!

Requiem For A Dream Screenplay
Now you can read the fantastic script for yourself!

Requiem Remix Soundtrack
Can't get enough of the Requiem For A Dream CD? Check out the remix album to Clint Mansell's incredible soundtrack!

Buy Batman: Year One Products:

Batman: Year One-The Comic
Each day Darren Aronofsky edges closer to creating the next Batman movie (Batman: Year One). Purchase the cult favorite 98-page comic which Aronofsky's film will be based on!

Batman: The Long Halloween-The Comic
The incredible sequel to the Batman: Year One, comic written and illustrated by the very talented Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, respectively.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns-The Comic
Purchase Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: the comic which made (Batman: Year One writer) Frank Miller a legend. A must-have for anyone remotely interested in comics!

Puchase More Items:

Last Exit to Brooklyn (A Novel)
Purchase one of Darren Aronofsky's favorite books from the author of Requiem For A Dream, Hubert Selby Jr.

Watchmen (A Comic)
You've heard Darren rave about this graphic novel and even express interest in turning it into a film. Now you can own Watchmen, considered by many to be the greatest comic book ever!

Moby-Play (A CD)
Purchase the album by artist Moby that contains the song heard in the Requiem For A Dream trailer, plus a number of other great tracks.

Rebel Without A Crew (A Book)
We know that many of the site's visitors are aspiring filmmakers, so we would like to recommended this guide to making low-budget and no-budget films written by director Robert Rodriguez. A must-read!

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