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Darren Aronofsky Online Updates and 'Below' Article

June 20, 2001: Many of our visitors have noticed that Aronofsky.Net no longer works and that the website is only available through the Tripod URL. Not to worry, we are re-registering it and should have it back soon!

Retrieving our Aronofsky.Net URL is not the only update to Darren Aronofsky Online (DAO), we have also just updated with a few new sections to our website: We have an upcoming film section which lists all of his upcoming and potential films, including exclusive pages for both Batman: Year One and Below. We should soon hopefully have a page up for Darren's untitled sci-fi movie, as Darren has stated that it will be his next film. We also have pages in our new previous films section for both Requiem For A Dream and Pi.

As production of Below (Darren Aronofsky co-wrote the script for this film and is now an executive producer of the project) starts we have some more news for you: A websurfer sent us an article that (while it doesn't talk about Darren) does give some insight about the plot of the film. The article is a little bit old, but those of you who are still following the film closely may find it interesting. Click here to read. (Thanks to 'Rupert H' for the info!)