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Clint On 'Requiem' Remix & 'Batman' Score

June 23, 2001: Two 'scoops' both from Pi and Requiem For A Dream composer, Clint Mansell's official website. The first was put up early this morning and the second is from a a few weeks back. Both are in the exact words of Clint's Website:

The Requiem For A Dream: Remix project is now available for pre-ordering. Release date has been given as July 3rd 2001, although this is still to be confirmed.

Paul Oakenfold has reworked the film's main theme with a Middle Eastern twist we can also reveal that drum and bass specialist, Photek, techno artist, Uberzone, and dance legend, A Guy Called Gerald, are also working on mixes. Other names are set to be announced, but might include Perry Farrell and Hive.

For those interested click here to pre-order the soundtrack. In the second article Clint talks to French "Premiere" website, and says this about him doing the score for Batman: Year One:

"It is great that they dare to entrust this project to a director like Darren. But unless they give him free reign, I think that the studio will want a composer more accustomed than me to this genre of film. But I would really like to do it."

Clint Mansell was also asked about those Batman: Year One rumors, by a fan on the contact page of his official website, and Clint responded by saying:

There's a lot of excitement in the air regarding Batman Five - rumours everywhere. It's very exciting to be a part of those rumours, I must admit, but I really know nothing at this point so I can't pass comment.



Purchase: BATMAN: YEAR ONE (the comic)