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Untitled Scifi Film Gets Titled

June 28, 2001: Yesterday Darren Aronofsky Online reported that Cate Blanchett is now in negotiations with Darren Aronofsky to star in his untitled sci-fi film with Brad Pitt. Today, thanks to 'Dave' we may know the name of the film. Dave sent us an email after seeing the story we posted yesterday, saying that he read on the net a few weeks ago that the film would be called Last Man.

After viewing the several websites he mentioned, it is apparent that a few movie websites started reporting this as early as May 2. After doing some checking, it appears that he was right. We're not sure why we never noticed or why nobody gave us a heads up (nudge, nudge). Well, after searching the net a little it seems as if this title was never actually confirmed or dennied by Darren or anyone at Darren's production company, Protozoa Pictures. So, as of now, this should still be treated as a rumor.

Now, I personally don't like jumping to conclusions, especially if those conclusions are based on unverified rumors, but because we're all excited about this film, (possibly because Darren is so enthusiastic about it, or possibly because this will be Darren's first sci-fi film since Pi) I'm gonna jump to some, hopefully not too crazy, conclusions regarding the plot. First, Darren has stated that the title will give away too much of the plot, so he witheld the title. If it is Last Man, could it possibly be about the last man on Earth? Possibly an end of the world story, maybe even dealing with Jewish mysticism. (In a recent interview, Darren mentioned God and we all now that Pi dealt partly with Jewish mysticism so these conclusions may not be TOO far from the truth.) If in fact the name of the film is not Last Man, then I probably just started up some wild rumors which are bound to appear on other websites. If anyone out there has any more insight or verification about any of these rumors, please don't hesitate to drop us an email!