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'Last Man' Schedule & 'Year One' News

July 17, 2001: Yesterday, Variety printed a story on Brad Pitt's schedule for Aronofsky's scifi film (A.K.A. Last Man). It seems Pitt is also signed to star in the latest film from the Coen Brothers, titled To the White Sea. It would seem difficult to star in both Aronofsky's and the Coen's films as both begin production this fall. Although, according to Variety, Pitt will first begin shooting Last Man and then in January he will break to go shoot his other movie with the Coens. After finishing that filming, he will return and shoot the remainder of Last Man. Once again, the Aronofsky film has NOT been officially confirmed to be titled Last Man. It is still a rumor that various film websites have picked up on. (A big thanks to 'William' for alerting us!)

The other news comes from comic book website, Comics Continuum, which conducted an interview with Paul Dini, the writer and producer of the animated Batman show Batman Beyond. For those who don't know, last year Dini was contracted to write a script for a live-action movie based on the Batman Beyond concept. (Dini wrote it along with co-writer and producer Alan Burnett and with Remember the Titans director, Boaz Yakin.) For those of you who are asking what this has to do with Darren Aronofsky, it just so happens Dini told the Comics Continuum that Warner Bros. will wait for the Batman: Year One script written by Darren Aronofsky and Frank Miller before deciding on whether to film Year One or Beyond. So in other words, WB will read both scripts and decide which one to film. (Meaning Batman: Year One isn't final--WB could continue the Batman franchise with other ventures.) Darren has said similar things in a couple of interviews, so this really doesn't come as a huge suprise.


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