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'Batman', 'Below' & Site Update

Augest 22, 2001: A few weeks ago I began working on our new and improved Requiem For A Dream pages. The new Requiem pages include fan trivia, critic reviews, a larger multimedia section, and more! Plus, a nice page of Requiem pictures taken from the DVD by our new good buddy 'Rick Summers' who did a fantastic job! (A big thanks to everyone else who offered, but Rick was the first.) You may want to keep checking in on the pages as we will be updating with more multimedia, more pics, and with your help: more trivia! A similar group of pages for Pi will also be created and put online shortly.
In another site related note, I've been talking to a computer art design major named Dave who seems the be willing to help with the website. He has some good ideas and co-webmater Nick Mead and myself feel he would be a great addition.

Now I think those recent Batman: Year One rumors and the alleged script review posted on AICN need to be addressed because I've recieved a number of emails about the "scoops" posted. We'll start with the script review: A false review was posted on AICN by someone claiming to have the first draft of Year One. That "reviewer" stated the script was the first draft and was from June 22 and went on to describe certain parts of the script like an African American Alfred, a red bat-phone from the Adam West television show, the inclusion of The Joker and The Penguin and a bunch of other stupid crap. Luckily, Comics2Film called up Frank Miller (the co-scribe of the Y1 script) and Miller's agent reported that the script was indeed false and that they have only begun working on the screenplay.
Now after all that, AICN posts another story stating that according to three sources, the Year One concept is sinking fast at Warner Brothers. This is of course a ludacris statement as Miller and Aronofsky are still working on the screenplay.

And last, Empire Online did an interview with Below star Olivia Williams. Here's what she said:
I play Nurse Claire Page. Itís set in the 1940s, so women werenít generally military doctors or naval doctors at that stage. Itís got a supernatural twist to it. Youíre never quite sure whether what's happening is real or whether itís oxygen-deprivation.
(Reminder: Below was written by Darren Aronofsky and will be directed by David Twohy. Aronofsky is still an executive producer with Eric Watson.)