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Updating Again: All Aronofsky Film Info

November 2, 2001: Well, let's see: My computer's DSL wasn't working for two weeks and happened. Terror in the United States was everywhere. Suddenly, I was dealing with things that I never thought I would deal with. (I won't go into info here) Well now, I'm trying to get back to my life as normal and that includes updating the site. So yeah, we're back now and should be updating regularly once again. (If you sent an email a couple weeks before the terrorist attack and a couple days ago, there is a chance I never got back to you, and I am asking that you re-send your mail.) First I'd just like to tell you that our pal 'Mr Brown' (who runs his own movie site here) checked in at our message board to tell us that Darren and all workers at Protozoa Pictures were fine. With that note, here's the movie news you missed when we weren't updating:

WATCHMEN: The Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Never Made book was released in the UK, with a chapter about the Watchmen comic book being made into a film. Darren Aronofsky was interviewed and here's what he said: (remember this interview was conducted BEFORE the terrorist attack, and when he talks about the Middle East he couldn't have forseen what happened, and that part of the interview would most likely be drastically different)

"I think I read it in college, around 1988 or 1989. I wasn't a comic book fan as a kid. I had a small collection, but I really wasn't into superheroes I was more into Twilight Zone comic books. But when I got turned onto Watchmen by my roommate, who was an animator and totally into comics, it just blew my mind, because here was finally a story about comic book heroes that introduced Freudian psychology what does it take for a real man to put on tights and fight crime? And it was a great concept for me, and that's why I really got into Watchmen and The Dark Knight Returns.
"I've entertained the idea at times that it would be something really fun to do, but I haven't studied it recently to think about what it would actually entail. But I think it's a tremendous property. It's such a great book, but it's huge in scope, and I think also now that we're post-Cold War, it's a very different dynamic in politics today. The whole conceit of the macro element of the story, the whole geo-political vision of the war between Russia and the United States, would have to be re-thought for the film."
Darren talks more about the Cold War subplot for the film by saying: "The whole motivation for Ozymandias is the impending doom of the world. So I think you would have to figure out some kind of new threat that an audience of today would actually buy that's the big invention that would have to be created.
I remember, as a kid, going to sleep being terrified that I wouldn't wake up the next morning because of the nukes. And that threat doesn't really live in the heads of anyone any more. The biggest threat is that the plan you're on is going to be blown up by terrorists. I guess you could create something like a Middle East meltdown, where people take sides, but you just don't buy that overall conceit of nuclear way is gone, you'd have to figure out something else.
"The other thing you have to remember is that in 1987, all the Rorschach conspiracy stuff that there was this whole incredible conspiracy going on was really a fresh idea. But now it's no longer cool to believe in conspiracies it's become so 'pop,' because of JFK and The X-Files, it's entered pop culture consciousness, and Rorschach's vision is not that wacky any more. Ultimately, it comes down to the characters in Watchmen, which are so well sketched, from the middle-aged and pouchy Night Owl, to the homeless, crazy, wild Rorschach, and the supreme being of Dr. Manhattan, to the intellect of Ozymandias you just have so many really great characters with all their different egos and complexities. And all the flashbacks that set up the characters. It's unbelievable stuff. I remember once a few years ago going back to read Watchmen and realise that I'd stolen certain lines unconsciously. I'd read it so many times that it just got in my head. What's the line with Rorschach, when he's in jail? 'I don't know if I'm locked in here with you or you're locked in here with me?' And there's no better scene than Dr. Manhattan in Vietnam it's fucking incredible. There are so many good scenes."
(Special Thanks to Comics2Film for putting Darren's comments online!)

BATMAN YEAR ONE: Nothing really big, except for the fact that Christian Bale, who has been a longtime internet fan choice for the part of Batman in Year One, recently stated that he would be very interested in taking the part and working with Aronofsky. (Thanks to 'Billy')
Also in some related news, the new On*Star commercials have a segment stating that you can win an appearance in the new Batman film, from the official On*Star website. The advertisement does not say if it is for Year One, as there are a few Bat-films in the works at Warner Bros. Although, it may be a sign that WB is pushing to get a Batman movie in production soon. (Thanks to 'William')

BELOW: Yep, another picture from the set of Below, the film that Darren Aronofsky co-wrote and was once on board to direct. (Now David Twohy is director and Aronofsky in an executive producer of the project.) BruceGreenWood.Com puts this new set picture online of David Twohy with castmembers Holt McCallany and Bruce Greenwood: