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The following is a list of questions that we get asked WAAAY too much, and we would appreciate you reading them before you send us an email:

Are you Darren Aronofsky/Can you give me a contact address for him/Can you relay a message for me?

As we say on the opening page: no. We are a fansite and have no affiliation or contact with Mr. Aronofsky and can not do any of the above. Nor can we get you a part in one of his upcoming films.

Where can I purchase Darren's student film Supermarket Sweep?

The film is NOT available anywhere, although here's what Sean Gullette has said about the film:

A Cadillac-driving suburban sociopath (Gullette) (1) takes a couch-potato-TV-junky (Peter Pappas) on a fast, deadly trip to "the other side of the glass;" (2) kills a jogger and his dog; and (3) gets his ass kicked by a sexy ATM cardholder (Maya Nadkarni) before (4) being bludgeoned to death by his pupil with a bottle of Wesson oil and proceeding straight to hell.
Here's what he says about the potential to release it: [it] was screened a few times in 1991, nominated for a Student Academy Award, whatever that was, and has never been released commercially--nor should it be. You had to be there.

What is the difference between the unedited and the edited Requiem For A Dream?

The Requiem For A Dream director's cut was what was released in theaters as unrated. For video and DVD, Artisan released an unedited (the director's cut) and an edited version. The edited version contains only slight differences like cut down sexuality. Both films are listed with a 102 minute runtime.
The DVD for the unrated director's cut is MUCH better than the r-rated cut, as it includes two commentaries, a making-of feature, and hidden extras, where the r-rated version does not.