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'Last Man' now 'The Fountain' & 'Requiem' DVD At Cannes

June 15, 2002: Alright, alright, we got the news. Thanks to everyone who emailed us the story, and made us stop slacking off. Here it is...

Last week Aint It Cool News posted a scoop stating that Brad Pitt had grown a full beard for Last Man. And oh it's called The Fountain. Here's a portion of the scoop, describing the film:

The guy who read it said itís whacko. Itís like a science fiction film and a history film about South America and a story about God all at once.

The story also stated that Warner Bros. had put the film in "turn-around" and was possibly looking for another studio to take control. (A sure sign that a film is in a disaster state.)

Then the very next day the trades got it 100% right: Variety reported that Warner Bros. didn't put the film in turn-around, but instead New Regency replaced Village Roadshow Pictures as Warner Bros.' producing partner. (Now the film will be co-financed by Warner and New Regency). Variety also reports that the film will be 'budgeted north of $70 million.'

And after that Aint It Cool News (click here for that whole story) posted their corrections, and Moriarty over at that site managed to get his hands on a script for The Fountain. (Lucky bastard!) Moriarty hasn't read the script yet, but his 'source', who has read it, sent him this description:

It's a crazy script. [It] starts in the jungle with a giant battle sequence. Spanish guys versus Mayan warriors. Thereís a temple, thereís a secret, and then we jump to the year 2500. A thousand years later and one guy from the opening is still alive somehow and heís in this spaceship going to the edge of the universe for a date with God.
But even that doesnít really describe it. Thereís three different timelines that play in the film, and Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett play multiple characters from the different eras. Sheís going to make you cry like a fucking bitch if she rips it up. She plays a queen, a ghost, and a woman dying of cancer. Like I said...crazy. If you like 12 Monkeys-style Brad Pitt then you will love this because it's the same kind of mindfucking thing where you are going to argue with your friends afterward for hours about what happened in the end. I read it three times and I want you to review it just so I know what the hell happens in it.
(Thanks to 'TGWTCSN' 'UGO', 'Greg', 'Mark' & 'William')

Apparently The Cannes Film Festival is now honoring DVDs, with their Cannes Film Festival DVD Collection. DVD Angle reports that the Requiem For A Dream DVD was selected to be part of the list. (Thanks to 'William')

I recently stumbled upon a Requiem For A Dream trivia page. Click here to test your knowledge!

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