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New Aronofsky 'Flick' & 'Batman' News

January 30, 2003: Well it seems we actually have more news than we expected to give you. Some you'll like. Some you won't. Read on...

Yesterday Variety reported that Darren Aronofsky signed with Regency for a new feature film deal. It sounds like Darren will be getting more support from them than he did at Warner Brothers. As we learn more details about this movie, so shall you. Until then, check out Variety's full story:

Arnon Milchan's 20th Century Fox-based Regency Enterprises has signed a three-year, first-look deal with Darren Aronofsky's Protozoa Pictures. The arrangement covers the writing, producing and directing services of Aronofsky and partner Eric Watson for films at all budget levels. The pact also includes a discretionary fund.
The first project under development will be the novel "Flicker," with Jim Uhls ("Fight Club") in negotiations to adapt.
Written by Dr. Theodore Roszak, a Cal State history professor, "Flicker" is a conspiracy thriller that takes a disturbing and revisionist look at film history. Story is told through the eyes of a Los Angeles film student who, after he becomes obsessed with the oeuvre of a hack filmmaker, determines that B movies are part of a plot to destroy life on Earth. Summit Books published it in 1991.
Protozoa also announced the hire of Ari Handel as Protozoa's president and the promotion of Elizabeth Raposo to director of development. CAA brokered the deal.
Aronofsky previously directed "Pi" and "Requiem for a Dream," which Watson produced. Handel is a longtime Aronofsky collaborator and was his co-writer on "The Fountain."
Regency first tried to work with Aronofsky as a producing partner on Warner Bros. Pictures' ill-fated Brad Pitt project "The Fountain." Warners greenlit the film last summer, shortly after Regency came aboard the long-gestating project, but the film fell apart just a month later when Pitt and Aronofsky faced creative issues (Daily Variety, Aug. 29, 2002).
Aronofsky is still attached to write and direct "Batman: Year One" for Warners.
Protozoa will remain based in New York, with a satellite office on the Fox lot.
"Darren Aronofsky is a filmmaker with a singular, provocative and powerful vision," Milchan said. "Over the past few years, we at Regency have followed his career and prodigious talent with great interest. We are thrilled to have him, Eric and Protozoa join our family."
Said Aronofsky, "I'm very excited to be working with Arnon, David (Matalon), Sanford (Panitch) and Regency Enterprises. They have been very supportive of Protozoa and me. This deal will allow us to develop many thrilling projects."

(Thanks to the many readers who emailed us!)

Some might be wondering if Darren will ever get his Batman film off the ground. After all, the above article states that he is still involved in his comic book adaptation.

However, a few days earlier website Comics2Film reported that at a recent science fiction and fantasy convention in Boston, DC Comics editor Bob Greenberger was heard saying that Aronofsky's Batman: Year One is now "gone." (Thanks to 'Robert' and 'Anonymous')

Two seemingly contradictory reports seem confusing. However, we have recently been in contact with a very reliable source who told us that, although official word is that Darren is attached to the film, the studio was not keen on the Aronofsky/Miller all. If the film every does happen, it will be without Aronofsky.

In related news, Variety writes that Memento director Christopher Nolan has been hired to helm his own Batman flick. As of now, many directors have signed on to do various Bat-films and the above source says if Nolan actually ends up making his Dark Knight picture, it will most likely not be Batman: Year One. This means if WB is still interested in Year One, they will probably hire another director.