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Protozoa Trivia:

1. Damon Whitaker (Pete) is the younger brother of actor Forest Whitaker, according to IMDb.Com

2. The film was shot on digital video while Darren was going to graduate school at The American Film Institute in 1992-1993. It was his thesis project and when it was screened he got a standing ovation in the theater.

3. The credits for Protozoa give a special thanks to:
Dan Shrecker (visual effects supervisor and crew member on Pi and Requiem For A Dream)
Sean Gullette (Max in Pi and Arnold in Requiem)
Stuart Rosenberg (Darren's mentor)
Ari Handel (co-writter of The Fountain script)
Peter Pappas (co-star of Supermarket Sweep)

4. Darren's production company Protozoa Pictures is named after this student film.

5. Michael Bonitatis (Dave) sliced his finger while working on the opening scene, and wears a bandage for the rest of the film.

6. In an interview, Darren stated that he enjoyed the film Charlie's Angels. That film featured Lucy Liu, who also appeared in Protozoa