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Cast: Olivia Williams, Bruce Greenwood, Matt Davis, Scott Foley, Zach Galifianakis

Crew: David Twohy (director/co-writer) Darron Aronofsky (executive producer/co-writer), Lucas Sussman (co-writer) Eric Watson (executive producer), Marty Katz (producer).

Release Date: October 11, 2002

Studio: Miramax

Plot: In WWII, an American U-Boat face not only the threat of a Nazi attack but also evils below them.

Note: Darren Aronofsky wrote a script draft for the film (while it was still called Proteus) and was set to direct. When he left the project as director, David Twohy (Pitch Black) went onboard as director and Aronofsky became the executive producer along with Eric Watson.

'Choke' A Joke? Plus Clint Mansell News!

October 12, 2002: Well it seems that the news about Darren helming Choke may be as some suspected: false...
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Pitt Quits & 'Fountain' Breaks; New Projects Coming; Look Out 'Below'

October 6, 2002: We have some good news and some bad news...
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Updating Again: All Aronofsky Film Info

November 3, 2001: Back with a bunch of news...
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'Last Man' Delayed & 'Below' Picture

September 1, 2001: Scifi film shooting to begin in summer...
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'Batman', 'Below' & Site Update

August 22, 2001: Williams talks Below...
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DAO Updates and 'Below' Article

June 19, 2001: Just updated with new sections to the website...
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'Requiem' for Chlotrudis Awards & 'Below' News

March 10, 2001: Requiem up for nine out of ten awards...
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Cast Goes 'Below'

February 2, 2001: News on the upcoming project, Below...
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