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Cast: Unknown

Crew: Darren Aronofsky (director/co-writer), Frank Miller (co-writer), Eric Watson (producer).

Release Date: TBA

Studio: Warner Bros.

Plot: After young Bruce Wayne's parents are murdered, he seaks revenge on criminals in Gotham. Batman: Year One (which is based on a cult favorite comic book with the same name) tells the tale of Bruce becoming Batman and his first year fighting crime.

Why: After the pathetic Box Office performance of the last Bat-film, (Batman & Robin) Warner Bros. wants to start the series over again with Darren Aronofsky at the helm and make this series closer to the comic books. As mentioned before: This is a series restart not a prequel.

Fountain Filming & Set Report! Plus Discarded Batman Script Review!

April 5, 2005: Lots of stuff on Aronofsky's The Fountain...
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Aronofsky Talks 'Flicker', 'Batman', 'Lone Wolf and Cub' & More!

April 29, 2003: Darren recently spoke at the UC Berkeley campus, and let a few minor film details slip...
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New Aronofsky 'Flick' & 'Batman' News!

January 30, 2003: Some news you'll like. Some you won't. Read on...
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Pitt Quits & 'Fountain' Breaks; New Projects Coming; Look Out 'Below'

October 6, 2002: We have some good news and some bad news...
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'Fountain' Happening w/ Depp?! Plus, DA's New Reps, Pitt Pics & A 'Bat' Bit!

July 21, 2002: Aronofsky's scifi film to begin filming in Sydney Australia, according to Australian newspapers...
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'Year One' Still On; Darren on 'Transmet' TPB; 'Below' Date

July 18, 2002: Expect to hear news on whether or not The Fountain will be made soon. But until then...
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No 'Fountain' or 'Batman' for Darren?

July 1, 2002: A bit of bad news...
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'Last Man' Shooting In September, Miller on 'Batman' & An Aronofsky Exclusive!

May 4, 2002: Yep, we actually updated the site...
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'Batman', 'Last Man' News, Q & A With Darren...Plus More!

January 28, 2002: Tons of Aronofsky-related news...
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Updating Again: All Aronofsky Film Info

November 3, 2001: Back with a bunch of news...
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'Batman', 'Below' & Site Update

August 22: Recent Batman: Year One script review false...
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'Last Man' Schedule & 'Year One' News

July 17: Year One not only Bat-prospect...
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Clint On 'Requiem' Remix & 'Batman' Score

June 23: Two 'scoops' both from...
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Untitled Scifi Pic & Bat-News

April 30, 2001: Darren wants George Clooney to return as Batman...
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Bat-News & No More Bi-Weekly News?

February 11, 2001: The latest on those Batman scoops...
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Bat-Rumor Roundup

Janurary 6, 2001: The facts about those Aronofsky Batman rumors...
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