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Cast: Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz, Ellen Burstyn

Crew: Darren Aronofsky (director/co-writer), Ari Handel (co-writer), Eric Watson (producer).

Release Date: 2005

Studio: New Regency & Warner Bros.

Plot: A science-fiction love story spanning through three different time periods consisting of a Spanish conqueror, a doctor
To read AICN's script review of the film (which also includes plot description) click here .

Note: The Fountain was also referred to as Darren's Untitled Scifi Film, as the title was not revealed for sometime. It was also previously called Last Man.


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April 5, 2005: Lots of stuff on Aronofsky's The Fountain...
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Fountain Flows!

March 4, 2004: The project is back with Hugh Jackman to star...
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Pitt Quits & 'Fountain' Breaks; New Projects Coming; Look Out 'Below'

October 6, 2002: We have some good news and some bad news...
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Depp Falls Into 'The Fountain'...NOT!

July 31, 2002: As The Fountain begins to head into production, one rumor comes to pass...
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'Fountain' Definitely A Go!

July 25, 2002: Luckily, the Australian newspapers were right and The Fountain is going into production...
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'Fountain' Happening w/ Depp?! Plus, DA's New Reps, Pitt Pics & A 'Bat' Bit!

July 21, 2002: Aronofsky's scifi film to begin filming in Sydney Australia, according to Australian newspapers...
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'Fountain' Script Reviewed! Films Still Happening?

July 9, 2002: Some good news today...
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No 'Fountain' or 'Batman' for Darren?

July 1, 2002: A bit of bad news...
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'Last Man' now 'The Fountain' & 'Requiem' DVD At Cannes

June 15, 2002: Alright, alright, we got the news.
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'Last Man' Shooting In September, Miller on 'Batman' & An Aronofsky Exclusive!

May 4, 2002: Yep, we actually updated the site...
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'Batman', 'Last Man' News, Q & A With Darren...Plus More!

January 28, 2002: Tons of Aronofsky-related news...
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'Last Man' Delayed & 'Below' Picture

September 1, 2001: Scifi film shooting to begin next summer...
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Blanchett Officially Confirmed

July 26: Blanchett now signed on...
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'Last Man' Schedule & 'Year One' News

July 17: Pitt filming Last Man in fall...
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June 29: A follow up story to yesterday's news bit...
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Untitled Scifi Film Gets Titled

June 28: Untitled Scifi film rumored to be called Last Man...
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New Cast Memember On Untitled Scifi Film & Darren's EW Mentions

June 27: Today, Variety's Michael Fleming reports that...
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Untitled Scifi Pic & Bat-News

April 30, 2001: Darren's next film will be his ...
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